Friday, June 22, 2012

Grandma's Marathon 2012 Elvis pictures

Each year we recruit various friends to cheer on the runners from Grandma's Marathon in Duluth Minnesota. 14 years ago we decided we would all dress as Elvis' and play music for the runners. We live just above the 18 mile mark, and each year we make the trek through the woods to claim our spot. It is amazing how many runners thank us for coming out, and how many remember us from year to year. This year our friend Sam Alvar came out to shoot photos of the runners and Elvis. He is a professional photographer in Duluth and captured some amazing shots! My hope is that some people will find their images we sure had fun collecting them. Next year is our 15th year of "Elvis at the Grandma's Marathon" party! We hope to recruit more people who are willing to show up at 9am on a Saturday and join us in the fun. I am working on a plan to have a disco ball suspended on some sort of frame just off the course. We will blast disco tunes and have a dance party for the runners. Enjoy the photos, courtesy of Seaquest Photography of Duluth Minnesota!

That's my hubby..the "real" Elvis!

Front runners, it is amazing to see them glide by with what seems like no effort.

Roland, Kim, and Mike

Grandma's Marathon 1339

This guy showed me his tramp stamp tattoo, something like, "After Elvis, no one!"

Grandma's Marathon 8857

Grandma's Marathon 6613

Grandma's Marathon 1375

Grandma's Marathon 1647

This goes on for HOURS!

Every year there are some special moments, I wish there was a way I could find them and share this picture. I love it! Grandma's Marathon 8590

Our friend Andrew and his crazy dog George

Grandma's Marathon 7753
Grandma's Marathon 7402
Grandma's Marathon 8725

Patriotic Man! Grandma's Marathon 1041

Here is another special photo...that is one strong lady!

Sam says "Elvis did it!"

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